Все о Барселоне

On the second day of my trip the Sun woke me up, impudently bursting into my room.

–          What is going on? – I grumbled opening my closed eyes. – I am on vacation, give me more time to sleep. – I tried to negotiate with it.

But the sun got the birds involved in its plan, then, it woke up the scooters and took them to the streets, and I had to give up.

–          Why do you always have to be unhappy? – it was asking me while I was standing in front of the mirror freshening myself up. “Yesterday there was an autumn rain, everything as you like it, and you, you drank whisky in a bar texting everybody how life is unfair. And now, when I am with you, you are unhappy again.

–          I am sorry, Sunny, now I am going to be fully awaken and will be absolutely fine, I promise.

–          Deal. You can have twenty minutes exactly, otherwise…

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–          Otherwise what?

–          The clock is ticking! And, yes, you can leave your jacket at home, you’ll be warm without it.

I left home light. The city had almost dried after yesterday’s rain. Of course it did, with today’s +17 degrees vs. yesterday’s +7! And suddenly I wanted to buy sneakers, and run wearing them jumping over the puddles and outrunning the pigeons.

“Thank you, Sunny! And while you gave me such an amazing present today, I will change the plan I made yesterday, and we’ll spend the day together. Instead of going to park Guell, we’ll head to Gothic Quarter, with you it’ll be more fun there, for sure, and then will go to the beach. How do you like it?

–          Perfect, I like it when you are in the mood for new discoveries.

And so it started.

Cappuchino bar, where, if possible, I am going to start my mornings every time I am in Barcelona. Narrow streets of the Barri Gotic. Of course, I strayed from the route. A meeting with geese at the Cathedral. Very successful visit to a tapas-bar. And the rest of the day, as it had been agreed, we spent by the sea, the Mediterranean one.

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–          Well, have you enjoyed the day? – the sun asked me before leaving.

–          Yes, it has been a perfect spring-summer day, thank you!

–          No, it just has been a spring. You’ll get a chance to see the summer.

–          And what about winter?

–          The winter here just doesn’t exist…

Все о Барселоне

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